Grief feels especially tender during the holidays. And each of our hearts will need different things from us as we process and navigate the difficult terrain of loss.

Some may feel ready to start new traditions. Some may want to carry on old traditions in honor of those they’ve lost. Others may need to press pause and step away from their usual holiday routines.

But, I am comforted by the fact that there is no right or wrong way to express our grief during the holiday.

What is best for each heart will vary, and what is best for our own hurting heart one year may change the next. The process shifts and evolves as we continue to navigate the tension of honoring great love and great loss.

My hope for each of us is that we can be gentle with our hurting hearts as we learn what helps our processing and as we adjust to grief’s demands each and every day.

Written by: Liz Newman

The Grievers Holiday Bill Of Rights

1. I have a right to cry during the holidays at anytime and and anywhere, crying is healthy for me.

2. I have the right to share about those I grieve during the holidays, I honor their memory in this way.

3. I have the right to cancel all holiday activity for myself, this is not selfish I am honoring my own journey as I heal.

4. I have the right to do other activity without guilt or explanation. There are no rules when it comes to grieving.

5. I have the right to add more of my rights about my grief because we all grieve differently.

Written By: Angic Carteright